JeVonni King, Kaeli Patchen, Charles Miller,
Daniel Smith, Kimberly Thevenin


NARRATOR 1:  Ebony Jo-Ann
NARRATOR 2:  Dawn Johnson
NARRATOR 3:  Wyn Delano

FANNIE LOU HAMER:  Anitra McKinney
ANNIE DEVINE:  Nova Payton
VICTORA JACKSON GRAY:  Monique Steele Griffiths

Devine Hamer Gray: A New American Musical (in development) tells the story of how three heroic American women, Annie Devine, Fannie Lou Hamer, and Victoria Jackson Gray, ran for congress in 1964 and nearly defeated the Mississippi congressional delegation. Their courage—and that of their daring Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party—is an untold, important narrative of the Civil Rights Movement.

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Photo Credit: NY Times

On Wednesday, September 25, 2019, NEWorks partnered with the March On Washington Film Festival to co-present a musical reading of this project at George Washington University's Jack Morton Auditorium. The presentation was headlined by award-winning actress of stage and screen, Ebony Jo-Ann, and attended by: Jacqueline Hamer-Flakes, Pastor Cecil Gray, Julie Henderson, Reuben Adams, Nettsaanett Gray, Barbara Devine Reed, Tiffany Wilson, William Ryan, Mary Carroll (Mac) Ryan, and Elizabeth Ryan, family members of Annie Devine, Fannie Lou Hamer, Victoria Jackson Gray and William Fitts Ryan.