The NEWorks Voices of America [NVoA], formerly the NEWorks Inspirational Voices and NEWorks Tribute Singers, is a collective of community vocalists assembled by NEWorks Productions since 2009 to perform for major national events. Under the music direction of Nolan Williams, Jr. -- American composer, producer and musician -- standout NVoA performances have included: the 2018 NBA All Star Game, National Anthem (recording); the Washington, D.C. leg of the Andrea Bocelli World Tour (2017, 2015); the Democratic National Convention, performing with Carole King and Lenny Kravitz (2016); the Grad Nation Summit, presented by America's Promise Alliance, spearheaded by the Honorable Colin and Mrs. Alma Powell (2014); and, Some Enchanted Evening: A Musical Birthday Salute to Senator Edward M. Kennedy (2009). ​​

Pictured below: The NEWorks Voices of America performing with Lenny Kravitz during the Democratic National Convention (2016).